Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tone of Voice

What are the key variables when deciding a brand's (or anyone's) tone of voice?

One has to be:
Formal <-> Informal

What else?

Book: Leading the Revolution by Gary Hamel

About how to be a change agent within your big corporation.

Generally too irritating to read, with constant changes in font size and lists. But has some really good stories, inc:
- How an engineer who believed in digital when Sony was an analogue company ended up getting them to do Playstation
- How someone got Shell into renewables, particularly by pointing out that oil too was once a niche product
- How IBM got into the internet (see separate icon actions post)

Iconic Action: IBM takes a big Internet stand

A guy from IBM visited an early Internet conference. IBM had no presence there. So he booked the biggest stand for the next year's conference, even though he didn't have the authority or budget. This gave IBM a year to pull together a coherent web offer for the show.

Source: Leading the Revolution, Gary Hamel

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Ads on Demand

When you're watching ad-supported video on demand, surely you should get a choice of which ads you'd like to watch? Would be better for both advertisers and viewers.