Monday, 7 May 2012

Pouchlink Vending Machine

Interesting 'greener' vending machine fills pouches with water and flavouring on demand before it vends:

Not sure whether the pouches are recyclable, though.


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Chase bank - point, shoot, deposit

Chase bank's app lets you point your camera at a cheque to pay it in. You can tear it up after that.

Several other banks around the world seem to offer this too.

Source: Brett King and my own research on Android market

Octopus Card does banking

Octopus metro card in Hong Kong started to let people paying for purchases other than travel. The banks objected that they didn't have a banking licence. So the regulator instead of shutting them down gave them a banking licence.

Source: Brett King


Nab in Australia started a spin-off called UBank, which had completely different processes that allowed them to provide a better customer experience. For example they all their ID checks online through real-time integration with national databases (source: video I'd need to search for again). Did very well at launch (not sure how it's doing well).