Monday, 16 March 2009

Home Visits - Iconic Action

I've heard this told by an ex-P&G employee about AG Lafley, and by a Unilever person of one of their CEOs. Either way, the CEO was said to get off a plane on a business trip to a country and insist on doing 2 customer home visits before they'd go to the office or look at the P&L.


Nick Black said...

The former VP for a company (I won’t mention the name) once told me a neat story. It may be a bit of a tangent from the post, but I’ll share it anyway.

A few years ago, he’d been on a helicopter flight with the owner of the packaged goods company. Out of the blue, the owner had a sudden product craving, and demanded that the chopper land in the nearest town (a speck on the map – hours from any major city).

Entering the local gas station, the owner scoured around for his products, only to find that none of his range was on offer. Flying into a rage, he demanded that a full inventory be flown to the store immediately, despite protests from the proprietor.

Apparently the owner just pulled up a chair, and waited until the merchandise arrived. It took the rest of the day, but he refused to move until he could buy some of his product.

Daniel said...

Just saw your comment, thanks Nick. Great story, wish I knew who the guy was...