Sunday, 27 December 2009

C's Best Expression

My friend C has some wonderful catchphrases that, more than anyone else I've ever come across, summarise her personality and worldview.

A sample:
- "Off the hook" (surpassing expectations)
- "Superchill"
- "Supersmart"
- "Supersolid" (a dependable person of good judgement)
- "I'm a yes" (I am open-minded and non-judgemental; I am open to new experiences)
- "Bring it"
- He/she has "got skills"
- "Awesome"
- "Right on" (often used to show support of anothers' position or actions)
- Edgy
- Into that

A few more suggestion from C herself:
- On point
- What's your damage?
- "Tight situation"; as in: 'Eating at that Indian restaurant Rasa was a tight situation' or 'That girl's dress is a tasty situation'
- Rock it, bite it, suck it,
- Drop into it
- Radical maneuver...

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