Thursday, 23 October 2008

For 99Designs

Here is my latest attempt at the integrated business diagram, there are more versions in the slideshows below, but this is the closest at conveying everything. So this is trying to show that leadership decide certain things for employees (blue box on left) and employees decide/implement certain things for customers (blue box on right). Within each blue box is the flow of decisions - starting with why the company exists, to what they'll sell, to how they'll make it all happen.

Important: the order of decisions is fixed. 'Why' leads to 'What', to 'How' to 'When'. Leaders have more or less exclusive responsibility for 'Why', employees focus on 'How' and 'When', 'What' unites leaders, employees and customers.

Still there are problems including:

- Duplication of elements. 'Why' and 'What' don't really need to be in the box between employees and customers. But I've had to put them there to show that they are crucial to later decisions.

- The offer is not nearly prominent enough. It should be at the heart.

The other posts below give you more of my thinking - though I suspect that taking all this in if you're not used will be tricky, so as before feel free to ask questions.

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