Sunday, 4 November 2012

Johari Window Exercise

Excellent exercise Dina Pinner ran at Limmud. 2007?

  • Whole exercise in same pairs
  • Tell each other known unknowns. 30 secs each way. 
  • Debrief: Did you interrupt? Why did you giggle? 
  • Share things about you it would be helpful for them to know about to be a good partner in the exercise (40s each)
  • Look at each others' shoes and tell me objective facts about them. Demo then 20s each.
  • Congratulate/be nice about each others' shoes. Demo then 30s each.
  • Help them in their choice of shoes. 1 min each way.
Facilitation tips:
  • Open session talking a bit about yourself "I am judgemental; I am tired". Sets safe space. 
  • Answer questions by referring back to self, e.g. I find this helpful.
  • Push for ownership of emotions (from "You feel frustrated..." push for "I feel frustrated...").

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